In 2002-2003 we were asked to address a growing set of issues with the traditional, third party baby photography services within The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) in the face of shorter stays and an emphasis on breast feeding and given, rising risks to privacy, security and exposure to communicable diseases.

A self-serve, interactive baby photography kiosk was deemed to be the answer.  A prototype was developed and placed into a pilot program at each of the General and Civic Campuses.

Project Management included:

  • Prototyping, research and development
  • Communications with programmers, government (CRA, NRC/IRAP, OCRI)
  • Purchasing from all suppliers
  • Advertiser liason for content creation, data supply
  • All graphics and collateral materials for marketing and web deployment requirements.
  • Dragon’s Den Presenter


The Ottawa Hospital Nurses Residence Corporation required an entry kiosk system which we designed, prototyped and deployed in record time. The entry kiosk is a unique system allowing users to locate a tenant, and call them directly to gain access to the building.

Entry Kiosk
Entry Kiosk


Design and Production

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